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♛. the Shark-revolution

« You can't enjoy the next chapter of your life if you're still reading the last one »

créer, forum, z.efron, paradize, imagine, what, #would, happen, could, have, dream


One day which they would like all forgotten. // THE BOTTOMS OF MIAMI //

miami, créer


forum fausse célébrité

#would, someone, blablablabla

Stellae Matrem

We'd stared into the face of Death and Death blinked first. You'd think that would make us feel brave and invicible. brIt didn't.

stellae, matrem, we'd, stared, into, face, death, blinked, first, you'd, think, that, #would, make, feel, brave, invicible, brit, didn't

Final Task

A written interaction (in the form of a forum) where everyone would share his desire to live an experience in Canada by justifying, using everything that has been le

final, task, written, interaction, form, forum), where, everyone, #would, share, desire, live, experience, canada, justifying, using, everything, that

> On ne devient pas champion dans un gymnase. On d

WWJD?Music (What Would Jesus Do ? Music). Un talent qui est pour ce monde un tresor

music, chrétiens, talent, partage, amour

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